Air Scout Group


         The first scout group in Saint Mark church was a land scout formed in 1954 and lasted very shortly, as all members were youth busy with studying, working and travelling abroad.


 In 1966, the late Rev. Stephanos Azer re-thought it and formed a scout group from high school students, led by Mr. Nosshi Nagib (later Fr. Mikhail Nagib), Mr. Amil Morqos and Mr Sameh Farid, ,


In 1973, the girl guides were formed and led by Mss. Marcelle Zikri, Marcelle Morqos, Hoda Farag, Ayda Boshra, Afaf Bekhit, Suzanne Tanios, and Suzanne Adli.


The scout was established by the Bible Friends Association and registered under “Bible Friends Scout Group”, one of the first scout groups established in Egypt, which meant, no scout exchange occurred before 1977 when a jamboree for all scout groups in Egyptian churches under the auspices of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate

in the “La Sainte Famille” School, Heliopolis.


 The title was changed later to “St. Mark Air Scout Group” in 1986.


 Scout uniform



Sea Scout Group 


Encountered by increasing people wishing to join the scout, numbers of leaders and resources were gradually increased to meet this need. Batches have increased from 4 in 1983 to over 20 in recent years.


However, with more people, problems of space and insufficient learning opportunities arose. Accordingly, in 2009, the Chief of our Group, Mr. Samy Bassit, decided,to start a new group to accommodate the increasing numbers so that learning and resources are optimised.


In 2010, the first sea scout teams were formed, starting with cubs and brownies, with expected growth in years to follow.


The 2010 grand jamboree saw the first appearance of both scouts, with the official inception of the Sea Scout Group on Friday, 13th August 2010.


Scout Uniform

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