Important Information

Welcome Back!!!

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Google Classroom

It is my goal to go mostly paperless this year by utilizing Google Classroom. What this means is that all of the guided practices (formerly known as handouts), assignments, and resources used in class will be accessible to you and your student from any computer with internet access. They key to making this endeavor a success is having your student share his/her User ID and Password with you.

We will be writing daily, and using Google Docs to create, edit and collaborate -- again, from any computer with internet access. My feedback and suggestions will be electronic as well.

As an educator, I understand the importance of also being able to write quickly with a pen or pencil when technology isn't readily accessible, so we will practice note-taking and some composition the good old fashioned way!

Entrepreneurs, Internships, and Careers

  • "Entrepreneurs, Internships, and Careers"

    Our school began a 21st Century learning initiative this school year entitled "Entrepreneurs, Internships, and Careers" which focuses on parents and community leaders speaking to the grade 7 & 8 students. Our goal is to introduce these students to the outside world of careers that might be available to them in their future and spark their interest for high school and college courses. Click the link above, maintained by one of our students, to read the seventh and eighth graders' articles about our speakers.

Scholastic Writing Awards

  • Congratulations to our two eighth grade students who earned prestigious Scholastic Gold Key Awards for their critical essay and memoir.

Grammar Study

Link to songs
Use these songs as mnemonic devices to memorize prepositions, linking verbs, helping verbs and subordinate conjunctions!