Mrs. Train - Art - Kindergarten to 4th

Hello St. Mary's Community


My name is Mrs. Loren Train. I will be teaching kindergarten to fourth grade art classes.  This year will be filled with some new and exciting projects. Being creative and exploring the world of art will be our focus.

Please stop by and say hello.  

All the best, Mrs. Train


 Art supplies : Art supplies will be provided this school year . However, each student needs a spiral bound sketch book. 9"x12" is preferable .

Students will need old "extra large " Tshirt to cover uniform as a smock. Please bring this in a sealed ziploc bag with the student's name on shirt and bag.


My Background

I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Moore College of Art & Design. I majored in Fashion Design and worked as a designer for 12 years. I travelled extensively to Hong Kong as well as extended trips to Paris, London, Athens, and Cairo. I left the fashion industry when I got married and started a family.

Locally, I have taught art lesson at Cygnus Creative Art Center, La Bottega of Art, and Young Peoples Workshop.

Mission Statement

 My goal is to get students excited about art by teaching art through traditional techniques, art vocabulary, art history and current events. I would like the students to see methods of self expression in two dimensional and three dimensional art. I bring art to the children at their level.

Contact Info

Curriculum Highlights

Students will be working in both 2D and 3 D mediums. We will focus on drawing and painting from real life. I will teach major artists and techniques in Art History. Artists will include : Cezanne, Duchamp, Cassatt, Herbin and more. We will work on art from different cultures such as: Batik from India and Weaving from Native American. We will experience art, faith and community during the holiday seasons. Creating catholic centered themed artwork.  



Sketchbooks will be used for homework, designing and extra time at the end of class. Some homework will be given to the third and fourth grades. This will be used to learn the critique process. I will also expect some work not finished in class to be finished at home and returned.

All students from time to time, will be asked to bring in props or objects to be used in class. Things like stuffed animals and small toys make interesting subjects for drawing. I have found students become very excited to do this, making the artwork full of emotion and joy.


Kindergarten thru fourth grade is a time to explore art and its' mediums. Some children have better motor skills than others. It is frustrating to a child, when they can't express their ideas, because of immature motor skills. Some highly talented students/artists lack fine motor skills. I will work with the students to develop fine motor skills. Motor skills will not be part of grade.

Assessment of student's work is based on the following criteria:

1. Following the directions given during the lesson.

2. Using and respecting the art supplies. This includes respecting other student artwork as well as their own.

3. Creativity and original thought will be assessed.