Mrs. Hoffner - Art


Hi everyone,  I hope your summer is going well.   I am looking forward to seeing all of you in the Fall.

Please be sure to view the art supply list below.  If you have any of the requirements from last year, for example,

rulers, triangles, pastels etc. don't need to purchase new.



- 1 9x12 sketch, drawing or newsprint pad - 1 9x12 tracing pad - - 2 pencils, kneaded eraser -  -  wooden ruler - 1  triangle, 1 protractor, scissors - 1 fine tip black marker - tape - expandable folder , - hand wipes - 1 small composition notebook

If your drawing tablet or composition book was not completely used from last year, no need to purchase a new one.  If you have a 12in. ruler,

triangle and protractor that is used in another class, no need to purchase to a new one.

Mission Statement

We believe that we all possess a level of creativity.  Our goal is to develop that gift in a positive environment for our students and bring them to an appreciation and understanding of this God given gift.

Grading Policy for 5 thru 8

All art projects will be graded using a "rubric" as an assessment tool.  Rubrics provide a guide for assigning quantitative values to various levels of student performance in a particular area of work.  They allow students to clearly understand exactly what is required of them.  Peer partners may work together to help each other assess which level of performance has been attained and determine what is needed to move to a higher level.  Scores are earned in each category, and total scores will translate into points.  Students will be given points based on work habits, originality, organizational skills, time management, creativity, neatness and presentation.  Homework assignments are to be handed in on time.  Late work will not be accepted.   Diocese of Camden Guidelines which will include:

Visual, practical  and literary Art forms

Visual Art:

Elements of Art

Principles of Design

Multicultural Art

Graphic Art

Art History

Art Appreciation



hands on

Literary Art



late work will not be accepted.

                                                                        Grade 5:  

                                                                                Marc Chagall  "Through the Window"  watercolor

                                                                        Grade 6:

                                                                                Marc Chagall "Peace Windows" tissue paper art

                                                                        Grade 7:

                                                                            Vincent van Gogh meets Edvard Munich watercolor

                                                                            Grade 8:

                                                                            Study of the Impressionists. texture

                                                    Work looks really good.  Anyone who needs to complete can always come in at lunchtime recess on Tuesday and Wednesdays.

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