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SMPNS is a cooperative nursery school that has developed its curriculum specifically around a ’learning through play’ philosophy. Children are respected for themselves and are free to make choices within the program. The school provides opportunities for safe, interesting and challenging play with other children. Through such play, in surroundings arranged for their best interests, young children develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. The nursery school ensures warmth and security while giving children stimulating new experiences and provides a comfortable bridge from home to the larger world outside.

Our nursery school fosters the growth and learning of children and parents. Individuals have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of themselves and others. Within the nursery school, the adults are responsible for maintaining an orderly and safe environment. Supervision in the nursery school is related to learning. Limits are set in a gentle but firm way, so children may grow and develop inner control. Our school was developed so that parents could share in the child’s first steps outside their home. As children grow in independence and gain knowledge of themselves and others in the world about them, the parents and staff are there to help. As parents observe and work with the children, they find their own understanding and knowledge of young children increases. Consequently, their effectiveness as parents increases.