Advanced Jazz Band
Period 5- Pavillion

Course Overview:

Advanced Jazz Band seeks to promote a greater understanding of both the musical components of jazz music and well as the historical context that led to the development of one of America’s truly unique art forms. Students will have both performance objectives as well as research objectives in this two trimester course.  Advanced Jazz band will use both small ensembles and one larger ensemble as the vehicle for performance.


Intro to Psychology
Periods 4 - Room 800
Course Overview:  Introduction to Psychology  presents an overview of the basic foundations of psychology.  The course will explore  the six main perspectives of psychology: Biological, Psychodynamic, Developmental,Learning, Humanistic, and Socio Cultural.  Students are expected to attend all classes, bring required materials to class everyday, complete assignments in a timely manner, be respectful of their classmates and instructor at all times and to participate in class discussions.

Grading Policy:  Students may turn in assignments at any time however late and/or missing assignments will be counted as F's in powerschool until a student has submitted the assignment.  Classroom and homework assignments can be hand written, typed, or submitted electronically.   All electronic submissions will be sent to The grading criteria is as follows:
    Test/Quizzes:  45%
    Projects/Research Papers:  30%
    Critical Thinking and Analysis:  25%

All lectures and course materials can be found in the class materials section below.

Class Materials