1:1 Mac Set up for a New Year

  • Create a new account.   System Preferences/Users & Groups

Click the lock and then put in an administrator’s password. Either leave it blank or try admin or administrator or student

Click on the +

Make it an Administrative Account

Full name must be: Billy Smith     

(Capital letter for both names)

Press tab to go to next cell. The name will be filled in automatically.

It should have no capitals and no spaces

Password must be: namestudent     Verify means type the password again.

  • Track pad - Tick everything System Preferences/Trackpad

  • Change the name of your computer  System Preferences/Sharing

  • Wireless - Network: marysps Password: mclennan3629

  • Proxy      System Preferences/Network/Advanced/Proxies

Tick Automatic Proxy Configuration and type in the box marked URL:


  • Make sure the Zscaler certificate is uploaded and trusted.

  • Set up connected servers in Finder/Preferences/General Make sure Connected Serves is ticked.

  • Connect to server and make it connect automatically System Preferences/Users & Groups/Login Items

  • Make sure you have Chrome and have selected Keep in Dock.

Two finger touch/Options/Keep in Dock

Password = billystudent          

Password = billystudent          

  • Set the 5/6 Student Site as your home page

Chrome/Preferences/On start-up/set pages  


  • Remove any old bookmarks

  • Create a folder in your classes folder