Welcome to Mrs. Bernard's Class Page
As of August 27th, we have 22 third graders enrolled in Mrs. B.'s class.  Look forward to a year of reading, learning how to multiply and do fractions.  You'll fall in love with penguins and lots of other animals.  We will learn about space, the scientific process and work really hard.  

At home I want you to read EVERY DAY Sunday through Thursday for a minimum of 15 minutes.  You should be reading anything you can read successfully and independently.  I can help you pick out a "just right" book for you.

In third grade we get to have swimming lessons!  This year we start in January.  I'll keep you  posted.  Another fun activity is Biography Day.  You read a book about a famous person, come to school dressed as that person and give a speech about them.  It is really FUN!

My learning curve this year will be this website and our math curriculum..