Math is like a piece of pi.

In today’s society, it is imperative that a fundamental knowledge of mathematics becomes a part of everyone’s educational background. It is important for students to realize that their achievement in mathematics is not based solely on their ability but also on their persistence and effort. The study of mathematics will help develop logical thinking and reasoning skills that are crucial in our daily lives. All students will achieve mathematical competence through a comprehensive mathematics program that emphasizes the appropriate use of technology, problem solving, communicating, reasoning and proof, making connections and using representations. To this end, students are encouraged to take four years (eight semesters) of mathematics.

The first year of algebra is critical. It is a pivotal course that requires students to work diligently on the fundamental concepts of mathematics. This background will help students achieve success in all subsequent courses. 

Students will be expected to communicate their knowledge of mathematics through a variety of assessment tools. Students will be exposed to the many wonderful connections that exist among the varied disciplines of mathematics as well as to the real world. Students will then begin to see and understand the importance, beauty and power of mathematics.