This online course catalog and counseling information is designed to help you register for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Please follow the steps below to ensure you request  the appropriate classes. 

Step 1

Graduation Plan

Step 2


Step 3

Course Offerings

Course Offerings

Step 4
Course Availability 

Course Availability

Step 5

View Instructions and Register

Refer to your four year plan worksheet. This provides a guide of 
required courses for each year at SHS.  
You can also review the Tips for Choosing Courses Guide 

Review the Graduation Requirements for your graduating class and 
determine which elective courses you should register for in addition to 
required courses. 

Click on the Course Offerings link. Generate a list of courses 
that you are interested in registering for. Don’t limit yourself to one or two specific electives, as there is no guarantee you will get your first 

Review the course selection materials for your grade level 


 Refer to REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS to begin the registration process.