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Red Ribbon Activities

posted Oct 29, 2014, 2:03 PM by Catherine Pleau   [ updated Oct 29, 2014, 2:07 PM ]

What wonderful lunches and recesses we had today!  Thank you to the many members of our police and fire departments, as well as to Superintendent O'Brien and Assistant Superintendent Morisseau, for sharing this time with our McCabe students!

Tomorrow is "Go Green Day" at McCabe.  The following are examples of how students can "Be Caught Being Green" (and receive a raffle ticket):
  • Using a reusable water bottle instead of a "Poland Springs" type bottle
  • Using Tupperware type containers instead of plastic bags
  • Recycling in your classroom
  • Working in the garden for a butterfly clean up!
There will be a bucket at the office for these tickets. Students will put their names on the ticket and place them in the bucket.  We will have a raffle on Monday.