Taylorsville High School has made the U.S. News and World Report list "Best High Schools 2014"

Attendance Update
MS House Bill 1530
A student who is absent more than 37% of his/her instructional day shall be
considered absent the entire day.  Elementary students should not be checked
out prior to 1:00 p.m. and jr/high school students should not be checked out before
the end of 5th period in order to guarantee  credit for a full day of attendance.
If you have any questions, contact Mr. Jeff Duvall    601-785-6942
Parent Reminders:
We will have Open House and give out progress reports on Monday, September 14th
from 4-6 p.m. Parents must pick up progress reports that night and they cannot be 
given early. We cannot have Open House on our scheduled night because of a 
football game between Raleigh and Taylorsville that night. 
You can access your child's grades daily on Active Parent. 
 Call the school for more information. 
Due to website issues, access at ms6500.activeparent.net       (do not use www.)

Student's are required to supply 2 proofs of residency in Smith County or a legal release from another school district .  The following items are acceptable:

1.  Filed homestead exemption application form
2.  Mortgage documents or property deeds
3.  Apartment or home lease
4.  Utility bills (electricity, gas, water)
5.  Personal visit by district representative


Students who do not live in this district (Smith county) or have a release from another district shall be sent back to their home school.



2nd 9 weeks EXAM schedule

TUESDAY 15th- 5th/7th 

WEDNESDAY 16th- 4th/6th 

THURSDAY 17th- 2nd/3rd 

FRIDAY- 18th- 1st Period 

** Friday is a 60% day. We will dismiss around 11:00

Look on page 23 of the handbook concerning exemptions for end of course only