SquidMat Help

Program Description

SquidMat was designed as a replacement decision matrix program for the CAS3 program DECMAT. (CAS3 was the Combined Arms and Services Staff School at the US Army's Command and General Staff College. It closed in 2006.)

My intent was to (1) provide a simpler and, I think, more useful analysis and (2) upgrade its user-interface.

The program compares two or more courses of action based on two or more evaluation criteria. The user arranges the evaluation criteria in descending order of importance and tells the program how much more important each criterion is than the next lower criterion. These importance ratings are used to calculate weights for each criterion. SquidMat takes user-supplied values for each course-of-action/criterion combination and converts them to Z scores. Using the criterion weights, the program calculates weighted sums for each course of action. The course of action with the highest weighted sum is considered to be the best.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, contact me.


- Building a decision matrix *

- Evaluation criteria *

- File functions *

- Sensitivity analysis *

- Facts and Assumptions Walk-Through

- Raw Data Matrix

- Handling Relative Values (Rankings)

- Differences between SquidMat and DECMAT

(Includes information on how SquidMat conducts an analysis)

- Contact information

* Information that MNGT students need to do their SquidMat projects.