Recently SMILE requested the participation of all families with individuals serviced by SMILE to complete a "How are we doing?" survey.

Here are responses from those surveys:

"I think SM.I.L.E. is outstanding. The people there, the staff, are extremely friendly. The activities are great, and I am very impressed with the staff."

"The day program needs a larger facility. Also, more activities and programs while they are there. Improvements are being made all the time, which is good. The staff is very open to suggestions. They have certainly tried to meet individual needs."

"We are very happy with your services as a provider. Lynne is an excellent communicator. She cares about my son and listened to our family - as to our needs. She is positive, caring, and believes in people with disabilities."

"My child loves your facility and does not want to go back to the program she had before, which was a huge surprise for us."

"Love y'all, no one can compare."

"Great Program! Great caregivers, the best!"

Please contact the S.M.I.L.E. office at (770) 279-5115 if you missed out on the survey opportunity. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to chime in on our services.