Our Values


Our person-centered care recognizes the freedom of those we serve to live in a private home rather than an institutional setting and the rights they have to choose their support resources so that they can thrive in a community setting.


Our actions and decisions consistently reflect the highest ethical standards. We encourage openness and transparency to create an environment of honesty and trust.


We treat each individual with dignity and compassion; encourage independence and assist one another to achieve our fullest potential. We believe that each individual is equally important in a unique way.


Quality is expected. Service is remembered. We strive to exceed expectations and deliver memorable results.


We combine our efforts with the efforts of others to achieve the greatest success. Collaboration and open communication are essential to our relationships.


We provide positive, constructive counsel and a supportive environment where individuals feel safe, secure and empowered to expand their skills and experience new opportunities.


We are responsible for making a positive impact and for charting the sustainable progress of those we serve. We will use results from satisfaction surveys, agency audits, self-evaluations, performance reviews and referrals from the community as barometers of mission success.

Our Vision

To continuously excel at building trusting relationships with those we serve and to successfully partner with those who advocate for the developmentally disabled so that adults with special needs make meaningful and sustainable progress toward independent living.