Advanced Placement/Dual Credit Info

Pendleton Heights High School offers 15 Advanced Placement (AP) courses. These courses are college level courses and the curriculum is designed and monitored by The College Board. Students in these courses are expected to participate in the Advanced Placement Testing Program implemented in May of each year. Students in these courses have the opportunity, through the Advanced Placement test results, to earn college credit for coursework completed in high school. 

It is strongly encouraged that all college bound students should complete at least one Advanced Placement course prior to graduation from Pendleton Heights High School.  

Below are the AP courses currently offered at Pendleton Heights High School

AP Calculus                 AP World History
AP Statistics                AP European History
AP Biology                   AP US History
AP Chemsitry              AP US Government
AP Physics I                AP English Lit/Comp
AP Physics II               AP English Lang/Comp
AP Microeconomics    AP Macroeconomics 
AP Music Theory                             

Testing for these courses occurs during the first two weeks of May each year.  The cost of the exams is approximately $90 and must be paid shortly after the beginning of second semester.  Currently the state of Indiana pays a portion of all science and math courses.  Students who receive state assistance for textbook or lunch are also eligible for these tests at a greatly reduced cost.  Please watch the notices sent out through Naviance for detailed information on the AP exams. 

PHHS students also have the opportunity to earn college credit through several dual credit courses.  These courses are taught during the regular school day with college credit being earned if all qualifications are met.  

Below is a list of the Dual Credit courses currently being taught at PHHS:

Advanced Math (Ball State University)
Adv Composition (Indiana University)
Speech (Ball State University)
Chem II/AP Chemistry (Ball State University)
Spanish IV and V (Vincennes University)
Digital Electronics (Vincennes University)
Civil Engineering (Vincennes University)
Computer Design and Production (Vincennes University)