East Elementary Drama Club

Directed By: Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Franklin



We want to thank everyone who auditioned. This was not an easy decision for us!

Congratulations to those who were cast!

We have our first rehearsal for EVERYONE (not just scene 1) on Monday, October 4th.

Cast List:

**Please be sure to read the list carefully, as some cast members will be playing in the ensemble as well.

Dorothy Gale: Hailey Powers

Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West: Addison Pennington

Hank/Scarecrow: Mia Leyva

Hickory/Tin Man: Taryn Shepard

Zeke/Lion: Giselle Cook

Glinda: Natalee Jimenez

Aunt Em: Kenzington Kanitz

Uncle Henry: Hudson Walters

Professor Marvel: Kody Day

Wizard of Oz: Persephone Atkinson

Doorman: Alyvia Stewart

Ozian Guard/Munchkin Barrister: Quinn Schaefer

Mayor of Munchkin City: Bronwyn King

Munchkin Coroner: Adelaide Hayes

Nikko: Koltin Day

Apple Tree 1: Clara Zepik

Apple Tree 2: Isabella Marimon

Apple Tree 3: Kennedi Buck


(Break out roles such as “Lullaby League” and “Lollipop Guild”

will be pulled from the following ensemble)

Lainey Sellers, Koltin Day, Alyvia Stewart, Ella Todd, Emma Todd, Sephie Atkinson, Rudy Seeko, Kailyn Bailey, Henley Roberts, Serenity Bennett, Emma Condon, Athena Atkinson, Anistynn Warrum,

Frankey Huff-Burkholder

Jitterbugs/Winged Monkeys

Rudy Seeko, Koltin Day, Kody Day, Ella Todd, Emma Todd, Serenity Bennett, Henley Roberts,

Emma Condon, Bronwyn King, Anistynn Warrum, Frankey Huff-Burkholder

Winkie Guards/Ozians

Lainey Sellers, Clara Zepik, Hudson Walters, Kenzington Kanitz, Isabella Marimon, Kennedi Buck, Kailyn Bailey, Adelaide Hayes, Quinn Schaefer, Alyvia Stewart, Athena Atkinson