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PHMS Choir

Welcome to Choir  - we have a fun time learning the basics of singing technique, breathing technique, and vocal health and are guided by the National Standards of Music Education.

Singing Tips

Concert Dates:

Date                           Time                            Event

*There will be no dress rehearsal for the Fall Informance

September 7     6:00pm       Fall Concert/                                                                                     Informance

                  Student call time 5:45pm

*There will be only one performance  

December 12   2:30-5:30pm            Christmas Concert                                                                                                                         Dress Rehearsal

December 13   6:30pm                Christmas Concert

                  Student call time 6:00

*There will be only one performance

May 13             2:30-5:30pm               Spring Concert                                                                                         Dress Rehearsal

May 14             6:30pm                Spring Concert                            Student call time 6:00