Drama Rehearsals

 Rules and Expectations 

Be Prompt: Practices start at 2:15 pm. After waiting until 2nd bus dismissal, go to your locker then report directly to the cafeteria.

Attendance is Required: You are allowed 2 absences unless cleared by Mrs. Wilhite..

Discipline: SR3 applies

Eligibility: If your grade drop below a C average in any class, you will be on suspension (doing homework during practices) until your grade goes up. If anyone receives a referral, consider it a warning. If you receive 2 referrals, you will be asked to leave. The exception to this rule is fighting; one fight and you are out!

Be Committed: We understand that there are many activities that students are involved in, but in order for this production to be a success, each student has to give 101%! Other commitments will be taken into consideration when casting the play\\

Any questions, please feel free to call me at the school or e-mail me at kjwilhite@smcps.org.