Life After High School is a club that is designed to boost students’ academic, social, and emotional skills. The curriculum is based off of Module 4: Preparing for College and the Workforce of School-Connect®: Optimizing the High School Experience.
Throughout the duration of the club students will meet the following objectives: 

➢ Envision their long-term life goals and map an attainable course for reaching them. 
➢ Explore colleges and/or technical schools and complete the application process. 
➢ Build social-emotional skills for handling academic pressure and avoiding senioritis.
 ➢ Develop teamwork, collaboration, and other employability skills. 
➢ Develop financial literacy skills and avoid excessive debt. 
➢ Practice responsible decision making for independent living.

All meetings will take place on Google Meets
Code: LHScbrobbinsLAHS