Sub Plans for 11/13

Post date: Nov 13, 2017 4:01:45 AM

Mrs. Lorek will be at All County rehearsal on Monday. Below are the objectives for the class period. Many links are listed, and section leaders (or designee) have permission to sign onto the SMARTboard to use it during the rehearsal. Additionally, there are digital copies of the music selections attached to this announcement below. Work hard, we have a big two weeks ahead of us! PS After-school rehearsal MONDAY AFTERNOON 3-5pm!!!


Period 3

Peace Pipers

The students will complete the following on Wednesday and Thursday:

    1. Warmups 5 minutes: to include vocal, kinesthetic warmups and star mail.
    2. Rehearsal 10 minutes: Hallelujah Chorus with youtube recording.
    3. Men/Women Sectional 20 minutes: Hannah’s Motet (Be ready for stage 2 sung Tuesday.)
    4. Rehearsal 10 minutes: Review pieces rehearsed in sectional time together.
    5. ***Any students interested in auditioning for Comfort Ye, Angel Recits or He Shall Feed His Flock are to record themselves using any accompaniment they prefer and email to Lorek by the end of class. This objective takes precedence over ALL objectives above.