The International Thespian Society
Troupe #3443 is a proud charter of I.T.S. and the Educational Theatre Association.  

Meetings are held every WEDNESDAY during B LUNCH in the Theatre Room. 
Meetings are for members only!
Check the Bravehouse Productions Calendar for ITS meeting dates, fundraisers and social events.

ITS One Act Rehearsal Calendar HERE
2018-2019 Officers
  • President, C. Grant
  • Vice President, M. Norris
  • Secretary, M. Windsor
  • Treasurer, A. DeStefanis
  • Historian, C. Brandt

2017-2018 Officers
  • President, C. Maher
  • Vice President, R. Mitchell
  • Secretary, Luke Randle
  • Treasurer, M. Windsor

2016-2017 Officers
  • President, R. Rhodes
  • Vice President, M. Pobst
  • Secretary, L. Randle
  • Treasurer, C. Maher
  • Historian,  S. Short
  • Junior Scribe, M. Windsor

Christine Blewett,
Aug 24, 2017, 7:31 PM