The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts is excited to be in its fifth year of ORIGINS and REVOLUTION!  

Differentiated AVPA Assignments:
  • YEAR FOUR                            
  • YEAR THREE                                            
  • YEAR TWO                                         
Senior AVPA Capstone Performances
Wednesday, December 19, 2018
3:00pm Theatre AVPA Call Time

AVPA Afternoon of the Arts
4-5pm on Thursday, June 6, 2019
3:00pm Theatre AVPA Call Time

Year Four CO-HORT:   K. Coto-Williams, R. Mitchell, C. Brandt
Year Three CO-HORT:  D. D'Imperio
Year Two CO-HORT:  S. Brock, S. Gardiner, B. Lemerise, T. Spell, E. Rollins, B. Walter
Year One CO-HORT:   S. Buckler-Ford, J. Ferro, H. Higgs, H. Jacques, G. Linsky, G. O'Neill, S. Williams