SGA Executive Board 
The SGA Executive Board is comprised of the SGA President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Student Director of Publicity, Student Director of Campus Programming, Student Director of Campus Organizations, Parliamentarian, Secretary, Senate Leader, and Student Member of the Board of Trustees. Each officer's specific duties are outlined in Article I of the SGA Bylaws. The Executive Board is chaired by the SGA President, and works to represent the entire student body while addressing campus issues.
SGA Senators 
The SGA Senate is collectively responsible for all legislative matters of the SGA. One SGA Senator is elected for every 100 students living in each residence area, including commuter students. Senators are responsible for communicating with their constituents and representing their needs, ideas, and concerns during SGA Senate meetings. Senators also sit on SGA Committees and sponsor legislation. The specific duties of SGA Senators are outlined in Article II of the SGA Bylaws.
SGA delegates tasks to its' boards and committees for discussion when the Senate cannot easily agree on topics brought up within its weekly meetings.

Class Officers 
Each entering class at St. Mary's has five elected class officers that are responsible for planning events and fundraisers for their respective classes, while promoting class unity and keeping their class informed. Class Presidents regularly attend SGA Senate meetings to act as a student liaison to the SGA.