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Students For a Democratic Society (SDS)

A little 'bout SDS
SDS is a chapter of the national organization, Students for A Democratic Society, that provides a forum for student political activity and activism beyond the standard partisan models on a variety of fronts, while leveraging student potential for charitable action consistent with our political ideologies.

While a
student organization will be ultimately unable to end ills such as racism, military imperialism, economic oppression, and homo/transphobia, is is our hope that through local application of humanitarian principles, we can help set an example for societal improvement.

Since our club structure is very horizontal and anti-hierarchical, every member has an equal voice, and can openly discuss issues and feel fully accepted. SDS focuses on many diverse issues, ranging from living wage to getting a daycare on campus, to discussions about the war in Syria. Along with
the St. Mary’s Triangle & Rainbow Society (STARS), SDS "organized a boycott in an attempt to inform students about the actions of Chick-fil-A, as well as to increase support from community members to find alternate options for students...[because] Chick-fil-A has been donating money to organizations that oppose both gay marriage and civil rights for the LGBTQ community" as noted by The Point News.
Every Monday at 8 we meet in Goodpaster Room 186, focusing on different campaigns, specifically the living wage campaign currently. We'd love to see your shining faces.

Upcoming events:
While we don't have any dates set in stone at this current time, we are going to organize a meeting between members of the presidential search committee and the student community to foster a dialogue. Other events will be organized as the campaign for wage justice on campus moves along.

How to contact us
Email us at if you have any further questions,  inquiries, or want to learn more.

Follow us twitter:
@smcmsds (account for the club)
@StMarysWages (
account for the wage justice campaign)

Follow us on tumblr as well:

Read about us in The Point News!

Executive Circle

Abiola Akanni

Ruth Tyson

Burkely Hermann
Director of Web Operations

Ashok Chandwaney
Other Executive Circle member

Sahar Shafqat

Faculty Advisor