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Feminists United for Sexual Equality (FUSE)

News about FUSE
FUSE is a club dedicated to raising awareness of feminism and feminist issues on campus. We seek to create a safe space where people can openly discuss issues and feel fully accepted. FUSE also sponsors/co-sponsors many programs on campus, including "Love Your Body Week," "SexFest," and the "Vagina Monologues."

As noted by the WGSX department: "Sometime in the 1980s, students and faculty created the group Women Advocates for Gender Equality (WAGE), which became a student-run chapter of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA) in 1998 and subsequently (2004) Feminists United for Sexual Equality (FUSE). This group has propelled a tremendous amount of nonstop programming on campus...[including] numerous presences on and off campus as activists, workshops on sexual harassment and other topics in gender and sexuality."

Our discussion topics range from Feminism 101 to Intersectionality to "getting it on" feminist-style. 

Every Monday at 9 we meet in the QA basement to talk about feminism.

10/26- Sexfest!

2/14- Vagina Monologues

11/4-7 Love Your Body Week

More about us:
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Read articles about our activities in The Point News.

Executive Board

Cate O'Neill and Labs Fraser
( and

Simone Levine
Vice President

Maria Duke

Allison Pendrak

Burkely Hermann
Feminist Liason

Diana Boros 
Faculty Advisor