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Black Student Union (BSU)

General Information about BSU
This is a list of things that the Black Student Union means to various students and alumni of SMCM:
“BSU means more than Black Student Union. The B stands for so many other things; like Beautiful , Backbone , and Beneficial. The S: Strong, Supportive and Straightforward and the U: Understanding, Uplifting, and Useful! It's LOVE !”

“BSU unites all people to embrace and celebrate the black culture. It's a chance for us to inform ourselves and our community about our culture. In fact I believe that it's our duty to do so.”

“BSU is a club that serves as a voice and source of support and community for the African-Americans/Africans student population on campus. In addition, it also provides an environment where Black culture/history can be celebrated.  BSU also embraces and celebrates diversity on campus as well. BSU is Beautiful!”

“Black student union represents, celebrating our culture, our future, the interaction we have with different cultures and our contribution to the world.”

“To me, the BSU provides a place for all

minorities to express and celebrate their ethnicity while also

providing the campus with a diverse organization.”

“BSU, well the BSU that is on our campus means a community where I was able to get involved on campus due to a common heritage, but also common interest. This was a club that flourished during my First Year and kinda dropped off in later years, but I was about to be a part of reactivating its interest and promoting so many activities on campus.”
“BSU was the club that help me stay anchored at SMCM and continues to help me even at USF.”

General Meetings: The second and fourth Tuesdays of every month at 8:15 PM in Aldom Lounge!

Next meeting: Tuesday, November 5th, 2013
Topic: African Annex!

November 16th, 2013: Caribbean Festival at Georgetown University!
Executive Board!

President: Demara Austin (

Vice President: Fatima Dainkeh

Treasurer: Jewel Williams

Secretary: Arsema Zekarias

Programs Coordinator: Neneh Sillah

Historian: Muluberhan Bahre

Public Relations: Jordan McRae