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Uploading Course Materials

Adding "Old" Course Materials to Your Spring 2012 Course

To complete the transition of the course materials to Blackboard 9, complete the following steps:
  1. Import the materials from the Blackboard 8 export file, by following the instructions in the Importing Course Materials to Blackboard 9 PDF document.
  2. Adjust the course menu to accommodate the needs of the new course.

    Content Areas in Blackboard 8 (such as Course Documents) will import into Blackboard 9 as additional "pages" in the Course Menu.  You can delete unneeded content areas, create new content areas, rename content areas, rearrange files and documents among the different content areas, etc.

  3. Add any additional materials, information, assignments, tests, etc.

    (Not sure how to do Steps 2 or 3?  Please see the Training Opportunities section of this wiki for more information.)

  4. Make your course available to your students at the start of the semester.