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The Transition Process

Why do we need a whole process to transition our courses?

The Blackboard 8 software is located on a server on campus at CTSS.  Blackboard 9 is hosted on servers managed by Blackboard.  This means that in order to transition materials to our new environment, we must download course materials from the Blackboard 8 and upload them to Blackboard 9.  (For more information on why we chose the hosted server environment for Blackboard 9, please see this section of the FAQ.)

What materials should be transitioned to Blackboard 9?

Materials (syllabi, documents, media files, external links, etc.) that you will be using for Spring 2012 classes should be moved to Blackboard 9.  Spring 2012 classes have already been created in the Blackboard 9 system and are available for uploading materials.

Materials for functions other than classes (committees, departmental program reviews or self-studies, student/faculty organizations, etc.) will remain in Blackboard 8 for the Spring 2012 semester.  As plans for other resources develop, a strategy will be provided for the transition of these materials to the appropriate resource.

What do we need to do to transition the courses?

In order to use course materials currently stored in Blackboard 8 for the Spring 2012 semester, you should plan to follow the general steps below:

  1. Create an archive of the "old" course on Blackboard 8.
  2. Save it to your hard drive.
  3. Upload the archived file (or parts of it) to Blackboard 9.
  4. Modify your new course in Blackboard 9 as needed.
This wiki will walk you through these steps to transition your course from the Blackboard 8 environment to the Blackboard 9 environment.  If you would like to simply upload materials that you already have stored on your computer, you can skip the archiving process and upload your materials directly to your new course site.

If you would like some help designing and implementing your new course site, please check out the Training Opportunities section of this wiki.

If you are ready to begin archiving your courses from Blackboard 8, click here to go to the Exporting or Archiving Old Courses section of this wiki.