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Starting a New Course Site

The transition to Blackboard 9 is an opportunity to revise your course site to reflect the interactivity you would like your students to have with the course outside of the classroom.  Blackboard 9 offers several additional features that can be of use in:

  1. Building critical thinking skills
  2. Applying concepts and skills learned within the course to real world problems
  3. Building skills related to reflection and expression of ideas
  4. Building teamwork and organization skills
If you have not used a course management system before and would like to see how it can be used to assist in achieving learning goals for your students, allow you to more efficiently administer your course, and encourage greater communication with your students, please see the Training Opportunities section of this wiki.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Learning Technologist (Jennifer Wright) can also meet with you to consult on developing your course site to reflect your teaching and learning goals in a one-on-one, or small group environment.  Please contact her at to schedule consultations.