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Adding People to Your Course

In Blackboard 8, instructors had the ability to add additional instructors or students to their courses who were not in the Registrar's database.  In Blackboard 9, this functionality has been expanded to allow people to be added in selection of custom roles beyond instructor and student. 

This allows the officially registered instructor to determine the level of access these additional people have within the course, grants additional privileges to post materials or access the grade center, and allows the Blackboard course site to reflect the various roles individuals play within a course.

The table below indicates the roles that are available to instructors for adding people to the course enrollment in custom roles (those not registered in the database for course credit). 

Role Name


Colleague Instructor
Instructor not listed in database, who needs access for training purposes.
Professional Development Student
Students taking the course as professional development for continuing education certification.
Person who adds grades to the grade center.  No posting privileges for documents or media.
Lab Coordinator
Lab coordinators with Instructor level access (can post documents or media and has access to the Grade Center) to many courses, not listed as instructor in database.
Same access as teaching assistant, without grading privileges.
Peer Mentor
Same access as student, but not enrolled in the course in the database.
Alternative Student
Students not enrolled in the database (ex. dual enrolled in high school).
Research Student
SMP or Independent Study students not enrolled in the database, who need access to course materials for research. 
Teaching Assistant
Not enrolled in the database.  This role can post materials and has access to the grade center.
Teaching Assistant - no grading
Not enrolled in the database.  This role can only post materials to the course.

To add additional people to your course in a custom role:

  1. Log in to the Portal at
  2. Click on the Faculty tab.
  3. Click on the Course Info and Grading section.
  4. Click on the link for Blackboard Role Assignment.
  5. Enter the ID number of the person you would like to add to your course in the appropriate box.
  6. Choose your course from the drop-down list.
  7. Choose the role for the person you would like to add to your course.
  8. Click the Submit button.

  9. Verify that the person, role assignment, and course are correct in the table.  The assigned person should have access to course materials within approximately three hours. 

Please Note: It is important that students who register for the course for credit do so through the Registrar's office. 

Please encourage students to submit Add/Drop forms to the Registrar as quickly as possible.  Once the form is processed, students can have access to course materials in as little as three hours.  Attempting to add students who need credit for a course through the Custom Roles process will cause enrollment errors in Blackboard, and the student will need to be removed from the course in Blackboard by an administrator.  Processing students through the Add/Drop in the Registrar's office will ensure continuous, error-free access to course materials.