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Logging In

As you may already know, courses identified in the Registrar's database have already been created and updated with current enrollments for the Spring 2012 semester.  These courses will be available to instructors when they log in to Blackboard 9.  

Committees, organizations, and groups that have used Blackboard 8 course sites to share documents and collaborate will be allowed to continue to use Blackboard 8 for the Spring 2012 semester. CTSS will be in touch with these groups during the semester to discuss the transition of materials and enrollments as the plans for accommodating the needs of these groups progresses.

Blackboard 9 Login Information Has Changed:

Please make sure that your bookmarks and shortcuts are updated! 
The web address for Blackboard 9 is now:

Blackboard 9 now has secure access, which means that you will use your network credentials to log in!

Your username and password are now the same as your email username and password!

When you change your network credentials (ex. password reset) your Blackboard credentials will change as well.  No more separate password!

Login Instructions for Blackboard 8:

Blackboard 8 will continue to be available for the Spring 2012 semester, so that groups, committees, and organizations will be able to continue to access their materials.  Faculty may continue to export or archive classes during the Spring semester.

The web address for Blackboard 8 is:

Username and password for this system have not changed. Please continue to use the same credentials you have been using for the Fall 2011 semester.