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Exporting or Archiving Old Courses

What is the Difference Between Archiving and Exporting?

Exporting a course preserves the materials posted to the course but not the user interactions with students.  Exporting the course is the preferred choice for transitioning the course to the Blackboard 9 environment.

Archiving a course saves all materials associated with the course, including the Grade Center, Announcements, Surveys, user interactions (such as Discussion Boards), and documents or files posted for sharing with students.  Archiving a course is a good way to preserve the course in its entirety for backup purposes.

How do I Export my Course for Transition to Blackboard 9?

The instructions for exporting your course and saving it to you computer can be found in the PDF file Exporting Your Courses from Blackboard 8

Please Note the Following Important Information about the Export Process:
  1. Certain steps related to export file creation in the export process and uploading exported files into the Blackboard 9 environment may take some time (occasionally this is more than an hour) to complete, based on the size of the files being created and the number of users trying to export or archive courses at the same time.  Please be patient and allow the server to do its work. Refrain from clicking the Submit button multiple times, and leave the browser on the page while the files are being created. There are notes in the Exporting and Archiving Instructions for Blackboard 8 where these apparent pauses may occur. If you experience problems please email your Friendly Neighborhood Learning Technologist (Jennifer Wright) at

  2. Please make sure that you delete the export file from the Blackboard 8 system after you have downloaded the Zip file to your computer.  This conserves space on the Blackboard 8 server for others to create their export files. This process only deletes the export file that was created. Your course will still be available in Blackboard 8, so if you need to access it again (or even export it again) during the Spring 2012 semester, you will be able to do so.