A sample week agenda is attached below to give parents and students a good idea of what a typical week looks like for the St.Dominic Hockey Canada Skills Academy. The primary areas we cover are listed below as well.
  Technical development focuses on establishing confidence and creativity specific to each player's (forward, defense and goaltender) position: 

· Multi Directional Skating 
· Passing 
· Shooting 
· Puck Control 
· Checking Progressions 
· Deceptive Skills 
· Decision Making & Thinking 
· Stance & Movement 

Tactical themes are established to increase the athletes' understanding of and passion for the game, translating to maximum success as student athlete’s progress throughout the various levels. Ice sessions incorporate numerous competitive small area games and cutting edge teaching methods so athletes are stimulated and challenged in each ice session. 

 · Puck Control/Protection 
· Tactical Assessment 
· Delays 
· Creativity 
· Offensive/Defensive Width & Depth 
 · Passing Lane Concepts 
· Face-Offs 
· Puck Patience 
· Gap Control 
· Escape Ability 
· Angling 
· Time/Space 
· Transition 
· Shot Blocking

On-Ice/Off-Ice Component:

This component will be based largely on the national curriculum as set out by Hockey Canada. This will include aspects such as participation, attitude and work ethic. As well, students will produce baseline data at the start of the program for a number of skill sets they are required to develop throughout the year. This data will be collected and compared each term. As well, the Learning Outcomes for Physical Education will be used so that students can receive credit based on the provincial curriculum. Students complete various strength training exercises every week throughout the duration of the course.

Classroom Component:
This component will also use the national curriculum as set out by Hockey Canada. As well, students may be required to complete project work and portfolios as monitored and developed by the classroom teacher. Guest speakers and special presentations will also be arranged for this time. We hope to provide students the opportunity to acquire their introductory coaching and refereeing levels, as well as introductory first aid. Other topics that may be covered in this component of the program:
  • Dealing effectively with common sports injuries 
  • Mental training strategies that will help students perform to their best every day 
  • Leadership development 
  • Establishing personal body weight and body fat goals by understanding the relationship between diet, health and performance 
  • Sports nutrition 
  • Mental training, game preparation, communication skills, goal setting 
  • Assessment and Evaluation 
Students will be evaluated each term in the areas of on-ice and off-ice performance. This will include their work and effort. An evaluation will be included in each student’s report card. Student Responsibility While in the SDCSS Hockey Academy: 
  • Commit to academic responsibilities 
  • Maintain excellent attendance 
  • Be a responsible catholic citizen within the school and community 
  • Demonstrate a desire and commitment to improve 
  • Work in a climate of spirit of cooperation
  • Other Important Information

Students enrolled in the program will receive two to three mornings per week of on-ice training and two to three mornings of off-ice training and in-class instruction. The cost of the program will be in $550 for the entire semester, providing students with state of the art training aids, ice time, elite level coaching from certified instructors and transportation.

In addition, each student will receive insurance through Hockey Canada and be registered as a Hockey Canada Skills Academy participant. Costs for jerseys and off ice wear are included in the program cost and other apparel will be made available at an optional expense.

The St.Dominic Catholic Secondary School HCSA will be open to all students who meet the requirements - approximately 30 students will be chosen through our application process. Students need to demonstrate a high degree of responsibility and a strong work ethic, as well as a commitment to excellence, on and off the ice. Students will also need to complete an application outlining their hockey playing experience and other pertinent information. Depending on the number of applicants, students may have to be interviewed in order to finalize the participants. St.Dominic Catholic Secondary School reserves the right to choose the participants in conjunction with the Equity Policy for this program.