Ahni! Tân’si! Boozhoo! Kwe kwe! Shé:kon! Wha Chii Ya! Kii-te-daas a! Gilakas’la! Pjil’asi! Oki! Hello! Bonjour!

This site arises out of great interest to develop a positive conversation of First Nations, Metis and Inuit issues and culture. It also responds to recommendations found in the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Reports (see TRC in the menu on the left).

It is intended to raise awareness of resources available to students and families indigenous to Canada as well as to those interested in the issues and culture. At this point it is a very new project, and the intention is to build it into a rather expansive project, with student involvement at its centre. You will see it grow, but currently it is just in its beginning phase with resources and information being added on an ongoing basis.

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