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School Supplies

Grade 6/7 School Supplies
Please ensure that your child has the following supplies at school each day.
  • clean, athletic running shoes
  •  a water bottle filled with water from home
  •   headphones or ear buds that can be left at school or brought back and forth
  •  gym bag with shorts or track pants,  a t-shirt, deodorant stick (no sprays)
  •  one coloured pen, a highlighter
  •  two sharp pencils
  •  an eraser
  • 30 cm ruler (not a flexible one)
  • calculator
  •  pencil crayons or crayons
  •  scissors
  • glue/glue stick (wet glue containers can be refilled at the school)
  • Donations of a box of tissues are greatly appreciated
  • 1 or 2 one inch binders would be great for rotary; duotangs will be provided if students do not have binders

** When we work on Geometry students will also need a protractor and a good compass. Dollar Store compasses break easily and need to be repurchased each year. A good compass (usually sold individually) allows a student to lock it in place to make using it more accurate (and easy to use all the way through high school).

Please ensure that all supplies (especially glue, scissors, ruler) have your child's name or initials on them.