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MUST DO                                                                               MAY DO
  • This Week's Home Share: Share what you learned at the NED presentation or Rosary presentation this week
  • Check out Classroom daily to make sure your assignments are turned in:
  • Science/Geography: Complete the reading and the table about the oil pipeline by Monday
  • Math: Fractions (be familiar with your learning goals)
  • Health- Healthy Eating
  • Arts--Music: presentations
  • Writing: Good copy of Kidblog about Stephen Hawking due Wed; Review your learning goals
  • Religion: Prayer service plans
  • Reading: read 20 minutes each evening
  • Bring gym clothes in for Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Clean indoor shoes are needed every day (running shoes as best as they can be used in gym class)

  • Math prodigy
  • Math: review multiplication facts, math prodigy games
  • Follow us on Twitter @SMCDSB_SMH and on Facebook @stmaryshuntsville for all of the latest news
  • Here is the link for KENKEN practise
  • Use the multiplication trainer for five minutes each day for best results when trying to improve your times tables
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