1. Religion

What we're working on in...

Grade 2                                                                                     Grade 3

We Belong to God’s Family

Focus Questions:

  • What is special about our classroom community?

  • How do we gather as God’s family?

  • What do we believe?

  • Who did Jesus call?

  • How do we celebrate at Mass?

  • How does living like Jesus help us to be happy?

  • How can we live like Jesus?

  • What can the saints teach us about living like Jesus?

  • How do the sacraments help us?

  • Why does God forgive us?

  • How does Jesus forgive us?

Our Catholic Community

Focus Questions:

  • What makes us part of a community?

  • How do others help us live out the Beatitudes?

  • How can prayer help me grow in relationship with God and with others?

  • How can I take part in Jesus’ mission?

  • How does Mary show us how to live in community?

  • How can honouring Mary help me?

  • What are All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day?

  • What is free will?

  • How do we seek forgiveness?

  • How is Jesus our King?