This Week at School

March 18, 2019

I hope that everyone had a restful and fun March Break! It is odd to think that we are already talking about the last few months of the school year!

Advent Food Drive

Our class is again in charge of the food drive. This began on Ash Wednesday. Donations have been very slow to come in. Please send donations when you can during the season of Lent. All donations will go to the St. Vincent de Paul.

Ms. Hammond

  • This will be Ms. Hammond's last week with us. She will be returning to finish her first year of Teacher's College at Nipissing. We thank her for all of her fun lessons, especially subtraction with pretzels and marshmallows! We wish her luck with her teaching career and we hope that she visit's us!

Activities This Week

  • On Friday, we will have a "House Colour" spirit day. Students are asked to dress in their house colour. We will write this colour in the agenda on Monday so that parents are aware. All students in the school were put into a house colour for activity days.
  • Tuesday - We will have a hydro presentation in the library.

Curriculum Notes

  • Math - We are learning about addition and subtraction with double (grade 2) and triple (grade 3) digits. Extra practise at home is encouraged. After this, we will be talking about money. This is often a difficult concept for students. Reinforcement of money amounts and how to count money is helpful. This is a good time to look for that change under the couch cushions and have your child count it up! Playing "grocery" and making change is also a great game.
  • Language - Please continue to do your nightly STARS reading. We have only had two students reach the first incentive of 10 books. Writing - students have begun to write their very own book. Most students have finished their plan and are working on writing their story. Students will go through the entire writing process and end up with a finished book, complete with illustrations!
  • Science - Grade 3 students are learning about structures and grade 2 students are learning about movement and simple machines.
  • Religion - We are focussing on the season of Lent. Students will be talking about prayer, fasting and Almsgiving.

Have a fabulous week!

What if Everybody did that 2018.MP4

What If Everbody Did That

Our class was working on a book together that we have finally published as a movie. It is based on the book "What if Everybody Did That?" by Ellen Javernick. We put a Saint Mary twist on the rules of the school in our version!