This Week at School

Monday, April 16th, 2018

I am sure that we are all hoping that spring begins soon!  What I thought would be a quiet month is proving to be a busy one!  We celebrate earth week this week.  The eco club at school has suggested the following activities:
  • Monday - wear blue or green
  • Tuesday - We will be turning off the power for at least one hour - you are also encouraged to do this at home as well.
  • Wednesday - Take a walk outside 
  • Thursday - meatless lunch 
  • Friday - Earth day cleanup - This is weather permitting - we need to get rid of the snow and freezing rain first!  If it is a go, please have your child bring a pair of gloves.  Boots are also a good idea for this activity!
Thank you to everyone who was able to come out for the Common Cents Financial Literacy Night hosted by our school council!  This year, our school council has helped to purchase ball bins for outside, two robot kits, Chromebooks, and are providing a drama learning opportunity in May.  Thank you to all who help make this possible!

Here are some ways that you can help your child at home:
  • Practise multiplication - even grade two students are learning that multiplication is repeated addition are are learning how to multiply.
  • Adding and subtracting double digit (grade 2) and triple digit (grade 3) numbers is needed to consolidate this skill. 
  • We are really working on printing legibly, using proper spacing and capitalization.  We are also working on answering questions in complete sentences.  Reinforcing this at home will help (Ex.  Will you help set the table please?  Student:  Instead of answering a simple yes, could be encouraged to answer - Yes, I will help set the table.).
  • Continue to practise the weekly words and talk about the word patterns.
  • Read nightly - many students are not changing STARS books.  
Have a wonderful week!