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Friday, October 4, 2019

Getting Ready for the 2019-2020 School Year

In addition to the supplies provided, it is essential for students to have their own: indoor shoes, gym clothing, pencils, pencil sharpener, erasers, geometry set (that includes a  protractor), subject dividers, coloured pencils, scissors, glue, 30 cm ruler, an inexpensive calculator, an agenda, and two binders (one is for French).
Daily Agenda
Every attempt is made to post daily work in the Agenda section before each school day.  

In the event of a meeting, appointment, absence or emergency, this may not always occur on the same day.

Absences and Vacations

If your child is absent and you would like to arrange for missed work, there is no need to contact the office!  Please go to our Daily Agenda page to see what work was missed.  From there you can access our digital file cabinets in each subject.   Print or read from the website, but days missed no longer need to mean work missed!

If you are planning to be away for more than three days, and would like the work that will be missed, please provide one full week's notice.  A lesson's momentum, student comprehension, teachable moments - all of this impacts our classroom timelines.  As such, work given is always an approximation of what the missed assignments will be.


As we adopt the Google Classroom format, parents can expect weekly updates about their student‘s progress, upcoming assignments, and/or overdue work. Of course, to receive these updates, parents and guardians must sign up.

Please read through your child's newsletter for more details, so that you can ensure you are on the mailing list. Please note that confidential results are ensured through individualized updates.

As we progress through the year, more and more will be completed on Google Classroom platform. In the meantime, most textbooks can be found in the "resource" folder in Google Classroom.

Cell Phones
Cell phones are collected each morning and returned at the end of the school day.  During the day, they are kept in a locked room.  If a phone is not handed in, and students are found using it, in accordance with Board policy the cell phones are brought to the office for parent pick-up.