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PF Missed Summative Assessment Policy

Summative assessments are an important way that students and teachers gauge how students are progressing toward achieving the expectations of the course. Attendance at school is crucial to student success and attendance on days of summative assessments is expected.

If a student is too ill to come to school on the day of a scheduled summative assessment (test, assignment, presentation, project, performance, etc), it is the responsibility of the parent to call the school prior to the assessment and speak to the attendance secretary or leave a message on the attendance voice mail stating:
  1. that the parent is calling to excuse the student from class for the day
  2. that the parent is aware a summative assessment is being missed due to the absence
  3. the reason for the absence
Students will be expected to complete the assessment on the day that they return to school.
If a parent call to report an absence occurs after the assessment has taken place then the assessment will be completed on the day the student returns and will be assessed by the teacher; however, the result may not be included in the determination of the final grade.
If a student is absent from a subsequent summative assessment in the same class the student will meet with school administration. A doctor’s or health care provider’s note may be required before the assessment is graded and a mark recorded.
If a student is truant for a summative assessment then they will receive a mark of zero; they may be allowed to complete missed assessments for the purpose of determining their learning.
If a student is absent due to involvement in extra curricular activities, the student must inform the teacher of the absence prior to the summative assessment to make alternate arrangements.