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Unit 2 - Exercise Physiology

day 20 (Tues) TEST #2 - Muscles and Sports Injuries

Start Cardiovascular System
cardiovascular system slideshow - make notes after finished test

day 21 (Wed)
Heart Video (3 min)
CV slideshow - recap
heart external (not on quiz)

cardiovascular diseases (just for interest)

Finding your blood pressure - using a sphygmomanometre

day 25 -(Wed, March 22) EXERCISE LAB!! 
*Wear comfortable shoes/clothes! - go to gym
VO2 max Norms chart *be sure to check for your proper age & sex

day 26 - VO2 Max 
(see photos) 

day 27 (friday)

day 28  
*DO THE TALK TEST! (Wear proper athletic shoes & clothing)
Review 3 Energy systems

day 29
Performance enhancers/inhibitors...Briefly describe how each method works using the text pages below:

day 30 (Wednesday) ***TEST UNIT 2: EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY***
TEST OUTLINE!!!    **Anyone absent for the test MUST provide a note to Mrs. Holmes from a parent/guardian explaining why the student was unable to attend school on the test date (in addition to calling the school office)