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As a prerequisite for open-water canoeing, the student must demonstrate basic competence to a canoe instructor in performing the following skills:

  • lifts and carries
  • launching a canoe
  • proper entry/exit from canoe
  • positioning of paddlers and gear where relevant (e.g. day trips): trimming of the canoe
  • synchronized strokes

As a prerequisite for open water canoeing the student must demonstrate a basic understanding of:

  • self-rescues into dry and/or swamped canoes
  • canoe over canoe rescue procedures
  • j-stroke

Manoeuvres and strokes to be completed:

  • paddling forward in a straight line
  • sideslip
  • pivot 360 degrees in both directions
  • circles in both direction radius 10 meters
  • stop
  • landings (shore and dock)
  • forward and reverse stroke
  • stern draw and stern pry strokes
  • draw and pry stokes