Your reflections are a component of your course culminating task. They will be assessed throughout the course and revisited as you work through your Course Culminating Class. Please complete reflections on assigned dates. Find the reflection template below.

For your Course Culminating Task (worth 20% of final mark) You are to create a digital photo essay that documents your experience in the course. Include pictures and short descriptions of all experiences.

Format: You may choose to complete your work in a scrapbook, digital document, video, website, google doc, google slideshow, prezi etc.
Due Date: Friday June 17


Pulling from written reflections previously assigned, highlight in detail 5 experiences including..

  • Algonquin Canoe Trip (required)

  • The Outdoor Classroom (required)

  • Winter Games Leadership Task (required)

   Plus any two more of the following...

  • Summer Games Leadership Task

  • Maple Syrup

  • Quinzee Building

  • Paddle Making

  • Snowshoeing

  • River Paddle at Great Moose Adventures

  • Snow Snake and First Nations Games

Your project must include:

  • Title and description of project

  • Your name, school, course

  • Headlines for each section

  • 5 clean, well written, short reflections

  • Photos to support writing

  • Short Blurb describing each additional photo


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You will be assessed based on the following rubric

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


Written Content

Descriptions have no detail. Not much relevance to outdoor pursuits.

Description have limited detail. Some relevance to outdoor pursuits.

Good descriptions with detail. Many connections to value of outdoor pursuits.

Great descriptions with strong detail. Many connections to value of outdoor pursuits that will enhance personal experience.


Visuals and connections.

Some good images presented, but there is a lacking in organization and flow of thought.

Good images were shared and but lacks organization and flow.

Good images were shared and strong organization and flow.

Exceeds expectations. Inspired work. Images described in detail. Solid connections made.