Expectations and Evaluation

Overall Expectations
By the end of the course, students will:

A. Outdoor Active Living
A1. Outdoor Active Participation: participate actively and regularly in a wide variety of outdoor activities, and demonstrate an understanding of factors that can influence and support their participation in outdoor activity now and throughout their lives; 

A2. Fitness Improvement: demonstrate an understanding of the importance of being physically active in an outdoor context, and demonstrate improved physical fitness during this course;
A3. Safety: demonstrate responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others as they participate in outdoor activities. 

B. Outdoor Movement
B1. Outdoor Movement Skills and Concepts: perform outdoor movement skills, demonstrating an understanding of the basic requirements of the skills and applying movement concepts as appropriate, as they engage in a variety of outdoor activities; 

B2. Outdoor Movement Strategies: apply outdoor movement strategies appropriately, demonstrating an understanding of the components of a variety of outdoor activities, in order to enhance their ability to participate successfully in those activities. 

C. Healthy Living
C1. Identify and utilize resources to develop knowledge and understanding of outdoor activities and the wilderness environment;
C2. Demonstrate, in a variety of settings, the knowledge and skills that reduce risk to personal safety;
C3. Describe the influence of mental well-being in a variety of outdoor settings and activities.

D. Living Skills
Demonstrate personal and interpersonal skills and the use of critical and creative thinking processes as they acquire knowledge and skills in connection with the expectations in the Active Living, Movement Competence, and Healthy Living strands for this course.