This course enables students to develop their understanding of basic concepts in biology,

chemistry, earth and space science, and physics, and to apply their knowledge of science to

everyday situations. They are also given opportunities to develop practical skills related

to scientific investigation. Students will plan and conduct investigations into practical

problems and issues related to the impact of human activity on ecosystems; the structure

and properties of elements and compounds; space exploration and the components of the

universe; and static and current electricity.

Units of Study

Chemistry: Exploring Matter

Biology: Sustainable Ecosystems & Human Activity

Physics: Electrical Applications

Earth and Space Science: Space Exploration

Assessment and Evaluation

1. Term Work - 70% of the final grade

For each unit studied, students will:

a) write a unit test (the summative piece of evaluation after formative quizzes),

b) demonstrate competence in applying technical skills in the lab

c) complete one application component (format will vary)

d) be assessed continually on Communication Skills

The most consistent level of achievement demonstrated on these key pieces for evaluation and

observed in formative tasks will determine the grade received for the Term Work portion of the

final grade. Term Work will incorporate the following types of knowledge and skills:

Knowledge and Understanding ( 25%)         Thinking & Investigation ( 25%)

Communication ( 10%)                                  Application ( 10%)

2. The Course Culminating Task comprising 30% of the final grade will take the

form of a written examination and end of unit tasks. More information to follow.