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Course Overview


This course enables students to deepen their understanding of chemistry through the study of the properties of chemicals and chemical bonds; chemical reactions and quantitative relationships in those reactions; solutions and solubility; and atmospheric chemistry and the behaviour of gases. Students will further develop their analytical skills and investigate the qualitative and quantitative properties of matter, as well as the impact of some common chemical reactions on society and the environment.

Prerequisite: Science, Grade 10, Academic

Units of Study

 Matter, Chemical Trends, and Chemical Bonding

 Chemical Reactions       

 Quantities in Chemical Reactions

 Solutions and Solubility

 Gases and Atmospheric Chemistry

Assessment and Evaluation

Term Work - 70% of the final grade                                               

For each unit studied, students will be assessed on:

Knowledge and Understanding (30%). Subject-specific content acquired in each course (knowledge), and the comprehension of its meaning and significance (understanding).

Thinking and Investigation (20%). The use of critical and creative thinking skills and inquiry, research, and problem-solving skills and/or processes.

            Communication (10%). The conveying of meaning through various forms.

Application (10%). The use of knowledge and skills to make connections within and between various contexts

The most consistent level of achievement demonstrated on key pieces for evaluation and observed in formative tasks will determine the grade received for the Term Work portion of the final grade.

 The Course Culminating Task comprising 30% of the final grade will take the form of a written examination.