*      3 ring binder                                                                         * ruler

*      lined paper                                                                           * calculator

*      pens                                                                                    * textbook 

*      pencil, eraser                                                                        * pencil crayons           

 1.     Keep your binder neat and organized. Use headings and date all work.  Keep everything in chronological order. 

 2.     An assignment handed in 1 day late will be assessed with a 10% deduction. Anything handed in later will  be considered a non-submission and will receive a mark of zero. Justified lates should be negotiated with the teacher prior to the due date to avoid the above penalties. It is your responsibility to hand in work missed due to absence. I will not continually ask for it.

3.     With respect to plagiarism, and missed tests/presentations, the school policy will be in effect.  Students will be provided with a copy of this policy during the first week of school (student agenda).

4.     All tests shall be written on the test day. It is the responsibility of the student to produce a parent note explaining a valid absence if a test or quiz is missed. Failure to do so will result in a mark of zero. 

5.     If you are legitimately absent on the day of a test, you are expected to write it on the day of your return.

6.     ATTENDANCE IN THIS CLASS IS CRUCIAL! Please note that missing class (10 or more) for any reason may put your credit in jeopardy. Please schedule appointments after school or at lunch. Guidance appointments and co-curricular activities (Student Council, Ministry Team, Sports Teams, etc.) should be scheduled on your unassigned periods wherever possible.

7.     Homework assignments will be checked daily and assigned a mark periodically. It will also be taken up every day.  It is your responsibility to make the necessary corrections.

8.     Admit slips are necessary to enter class if you have been absent.

9.     The school late policy will be strictly adhered to. Parents will be contacted after the fifth late. Any subsequent lates will be brought to the attention of the office.

10. Each person is expected to be in proper St. Joan of Arc uniform upon entry into the classroom. Leave your hat and/or sweater in your locker.

11. Each person and their property must be treated with respect at all times.

12. Each person is expected to act responsibly and according to safety guidelines during labs.

13. Due to allergies as well as lab safety concerns, food and drink (except water) is not permitted in the classroom 

14. Personal electronic devices, such as cameras, MP3 players, and cell phones are NOT PERMITTED in class at any time as they in no way contribute to student engagement.  The classroom teacher and/or the office are not responsible for theft of these items.

15. Extra help is available before school, during lunch, or after school. Please arrange a time to meet me in advance.

16. Please use the class website (found on your course outline) for daily homework reminders, upcoming important dates, and marks. 

17.  Questions? Just ask. 

Please be sure that you have read the above expectations and understand them fully.


I wish you a successful semester :)