Welcome to the 2017 Summer Reading website.  You will find all of the summer reading programs and expectations for students entering kindergarten through eighth grade on this website.  

     Summer reading incorporates developmentally appropriate reading lists and assignments; offers students background reading for the curriculum that will be introduced when school starts; provides students an opportunity to share a common discussion of literature; fosters continued reading and literacy skills over the summer;  and offers students good choices for summer reading.

     Books are available from the following places.

  • St. Michael's Overdrive (Ebooks available for entering 3rd - 5th grades.) Immediately return each book after reading it and completing the worksheet, so others may read it too.  Thank you.
    • For how to download to a Kindle, click here.
    • For how to download to an app (Android or Apple), click here.
    • SMCDS students do not have library cards, so usernames and passwords needed.  For these and help, contact Mrs. Edwards @ medwards@smcds.org)
  • Ocean States Library Rhode Island 
    • (To see what your local public library has available in print or online)
    • Use your OSLRI library card to download ebooks on OSLRI's Overdrive website.  
    • See under St. Michael's Overdrive how to download to a Kindle or to an Android or Apple device.
  • Amazon (Be sure to use your "SMCDS Smile Account.") 
  • Barnes and Noble